Animal Encounter at Usher


28/04/2021 at 11:30

Usher Hall will be hosting an event unlike any other! Working with 'The Animal Experience' , they'll be hosting an afternoon where you can get up close to some magnificent animals and insects. You'll learn about their habitat, food and lifestyles, and even get the opportunity to hold them - if you're feeling brave!

The animals due to visit* us are: Meerkat, Royal Python, Milk Snake, Bearded Dragon, Tegu, Blue Tongue Skink, Gecko and a Millipede.

Due to COVID restrictions, bookings will be made in social bubble groups of 6 with a limit of 15 minutes per group

*Animals visiting could be subject to change on the case of availability or carrying young

Booking Instructions: Please follow this link to register your group and select your time

Dates and times

28/04/2021 at 11:30 until 15:30

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