Winter Wellbeing 


16 December 2021

Many of us may find Christmas this year challenging for a variety of reasons.  Whatever the festive season means to you, it’s important to make time for self-care.   

Prioritise your wellbeing this Christmas break with some useful tips to help you relax and enjoy the festive season.   

Balance your studies  

January often means exams, assessments and deadlines for students.  While it’s important to keep up with your studies, it’s also important to find some balance so that you can relax and recharge over the Christmas break.  Creating a study schedule is a great way to manage your time and help keep yourself in a routine.     

Remember you’re not alone  

Christmas can sometimes be a lonely time of year, especially if you’re away from loved ones. Try to keep in touch with family and friends even if you cannot meet in person.  Schedule some time online or over the phone to catch up.  You can always plan a virtual Christmas party or host an online games night!   

Eat well and drink responsibly 

Christmas is often a time of overindulgence as we tend to gravitate towards richer foods.  What we eat and drink has a big impact on both our physical and mental health.  Don’t feel guilty about eating more than usual but try to find balance across the festive season.  Drink responsibly and remember to space out your drinks and also get plenty of water.   

Stay active 

The winter weather can often make it difficult to find motivation to stay active. Keeping active over the festive period will really help to keep your spirits up – a short walk in your neighbourhood can make such a difference!   

Seek help if you need it  

If you are persistently feeling low, having trouble sleeping or feeling overwhelmed, please seek appropriate help.  Talk to a trusted friend, family or GP.   

Please remember that our accommodation teams are available to talk and you also have access to a 24/7 counselling helpline via our Student Assistance Programme.  

Please find out more information here: Optivo Students - Looking After Yourself