10 must haves for your student room to make it pop with personality!


26 September 2022


Serving as your space to sleep, socialise, study and relax, your student room is many things but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring!

As your first place away from home to call your own, you’ll want to get creative with decor and colour to make your mark.

It’s going to be a bit of a blank canvas when you arrive - with a bed, desk, wardrobe and plain walls - so you’ll need to bring it to life with textiles, colour, pattern and decor.


Here are our top picks to bring personality to your space:


1.      Bedding

Your bed is likely to be the largest visible surface area in the room and therefore a key focal point, so it’s your best opportunity to bring colour to the space and really uplift the room!

High street retailers and supermarket home sections have plenty of choice, so if you’re overwhelmed - start by thinking about how you want your space to feel.

Are you keen to create a relaxing haven, away from the bustle of University life? Perhaps you’ll want to opt for a soothing sage green shade.

Or do you want your space to feel fun and lively? Maybe you could experiment with bold patterns and bright prints.



2.    Cushions

Scatter cushions add another layer of texture and interest to a space, so can help your student room feel warm and homely. One or two cushions is the perfect amount for a single bed, while a double can comfortably hold three or four.

Pick a complementary colour to your bedding and experiment with fabrics - boucle and velvet can provide a luxe finish while linen and jute are great for boho schemes.

You could also look to find cushions in different shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look.


3.    Lamps

Get your glow on by adding fairy lights, desk lamps and bedside table lamps!

Additional lighting can totally transform a room and create much needed softer ambience in the evening for a cosy and inviting feel.

In the interior world, we try to think about three different types of lighting - ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting involves primary sources of light, so could include your main overhead lighting which instantly illuminates the space and any natural light that the room receives via the window.

Task lighting provides specific luminosity for any tasks you may have to undertake within a space. So, this could refer to adjustable lamps on your desk while you’re studying in the evenings, or additional lighting next to a mirror to assist with applying make-up.

Accent lighting is used to create a specific effect, so could include fairy lights draped over your headboard to create a soft glow or LED lighting strips under your bed to create drama.


4.   Rugs

Adding rugs to a space can help make it feel more inviting, homely and cosy. Plus, it’s a great way to add colour and personality!

Ensure you check the size of the rug matches up with your available floor-space and then shop around to find something that suits your style.

Popular choices include jute rugs, which are ideal for adding natural textures to a boho scheme - and faux fur, which adds a sense of opulence and drama. Tasselled rugs and printed designs are also great choices if you’re going for a bold look!


5.   Storage

If you’re bringing along plenty of belongings then keeping everything organised is key to creating a tidy, clutter-free and inviting space that you really want to be in! It also ensures your carefully considered decor items have space to shine.

Many retailers offer a variety of stylish storage solutions to help you tidy away items - which could be popped on top of your wardrobe, under your bed or on your wall shelves. Just make sure you find a coordinating pattern or colour for your scheme!

Try this faux linen box, which is ideal for stashing away clutter or this fabric tote, which could comfortably hold books, make-up, small accessories or skin-care.


6.   Plants

Whether you opt for faux foliage or the real deal, plants can bring much needed greenery to a space - transforming your student room into a botanical wonderland!

If you commit to becoming a first-time plant parent, you may wish to opt for something low maintenance such as Cacti, Spider Plant, Aglaonema or Aloe Vera.

However if you’d prefer to add luscious greenery without any upkeep, there are plenty of faux plants that work just as well in drawing the eye.

If you’ve got the available space, a faux Bamboo or Cheese Plant in a jute basket can bring height and interest. For smaller rooms, you could try some Eucalyptus stems in a textured vase. 


7.   Throws & Blankets

Much like cushions; throws and blankets bring an additional layer of texture to a space - helping to create a cosy room that invites you to curl up and relax with your favourite box-set! Plus they’re a great opportunity to add a flavour of your personality, since there’s so much choice!

Oversized wool or chunky knitted blankets adds a touch of style to space, especially when draped over your bed or desk chair.

Cotton throws are also a popular choice, as they’re machine washable. This beautiful herringbone throw comes in four different colours - and is handwoven using 100% recycled cotton and polyester fibres.


8.    Wall Art

With wall space aplenty, artwork and collages are a popular way to add splashes of colour and personality to your student room - however you should be mindful of your deposit and any rules that your accommodation has about hanging items.

Command strips are a damage-free way to hang light canvases, prints and frames. Browse Desenio for a huge range of affordable and design-led prints, posters and wall art. Map out how many pieces you’ll need and what size print your room could take.

Wall collages can also be a creative way to add art and colour into your room, as you can experiment with positioning prints to create a dramatic ‘patchwork’ effect. This 50-piece set would work well in a boho scheme, with gorgeous brown, cyan, beige and peach tones. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of blu tack!


9.   Reed Diffusers

Most student accommodation providers won’t allow candles (and for good reason - since they are a fire hazard) however scent plays a huge part in how our spaces feel and function, so it’s still something to think about when finishing off your student room.

Reed diffusers are a great alternative and come in an assortment of scents to suit every nose!

If you prefer a sweet-smelling room, something with a vanilla base or citrus notes can be an ideal choice. For a relaxing feel, opt for calming eucalyptus, clary sage or lavender. If fresh and subtle is more your thing, a linen or neroli fragrance might suit best.


10.    Desk Accessories

Research shows that maintaining a neat and well-organised space plays an important role in mental and general well-being, so investing in a few desk accessories can help benefit you beyond just the visual appeal.

Cardboard magazine holders, metal pen pots and hard-bound lever arch files are not only great ways to organise your University work, but they provide opportunities to add personality too since they can be found in a variety of styles, colours and patterns.

This recycled stationary pack comes in an assortment of shades, offering durable storage to tidy away everyday essentials.


However, you choose to decorate your space by adding pops of your personality, don’t forget to enjoy the process of making your new student room your own - it can be lots of fun!

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