Finding last minute accommodation after clearing


01 July 2019

image: Finding last minute accommodation after clearingClearing can seem like a terrifying period of time. It feels like a mad rush to change your plans, pick a university, choose your accommodation and uproot your life all within a month.

However, it’s important to take a deep breath and think of the positives. After all that hard work, you’ve made it and although the path you’re going down may not be the first you chose, it could work out to be even better.

What is clearing?

Clearing is when universities fill their remaining spaces, meaning applicants who didn’t get an offer on their choices can reapply and still go onto higher education. It should never be viewed as a fall back or a last chance, but more of a new direction and the start of something new.

‘No offers’ is a terrifying concept, but because of clearing isn’t the end of your educational journey. Universities are crying out for people to come fill the places on their courses, so individuals are even more in demand.

Finding accommodation

If clearing wasn’t stressful enough, your original plans for accommodation become nullified. Picking a new university, means picking a whole new adventure, including the place you’re going to live during your time studying.

Although your plans have gone out the window, your confidence in finding a comfortable and affordable hall of residence doesn’t have to. The halls of residence for the university you have newly applied for may now all be full up and the houses surrounding the area may also all be taken too.

This will mean you’ll have to start branching out and looking for last minute accommodation around the surrounding area instead of on campus or near the university, but never view this as a negative thing.

Other options

Living in private halls or accommodation in the surrounding area can have some great benefits and individuals should never fret that their time at university will be different to those spending nights in the university’s halls.

The private halls have everything a student needs from a desk, to a comfy bed, to Wi-Fi. A student’s social life will also not be affected by living in private halls as the accommodation has social spaces, communal kitchen facilities, shared bathrooms, gardens and entertainment rooms all designed for residents to meet and communicate with each other.

Private halls are great if you want private time too. The university halls of residences could be loud and noisy, prohibiting you from sleep when you eventually need it.

Stay calm

Searching for last minute accommodation can be time consuming and stressful process, but it’s important to stay calm as there are procedures in place designed to help you make it to university.

View clearing as an exciting new road to venture down, rather than a complete change of plans. Let us help you with your accommodation, so you can focus on getting yourself ready for your move.

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