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21 September 2020
Thinking back to my time as a Fresher, it’s not always easy knowing where to start – your head is just as full of advice from family, teachers and peers as the car is with your belongings (yes – I do need to take six pairs of trainers, three coats and 14 hoodies!) 

But don’t fret! Having lived and breathed university live, I’ve got some top tips for you to get the best head start: 

Eat well

You don’t need to be a budding Jamie Oliver, but thinking ahead about what you’re going to eat for the week helps your weekly food shop budget and also helps you build a great routine and balanced diet. There are some great recipes to try online


Start with a weekly budget – putting aside money for food, bills and rent. I found having a spreadsheet with my incomings and out-goings worked really well in helping me understand what I could spend. Taking advantage of your student discount card is also a must. If you’d like some money advice, our Financial Inclusion Team is also there for you.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to:
  • Put yourself out there and speak up in lectures and seminars
  • Ask your tutors or peers for help if you need it
  • Make new friends – keep your door open and say hello to your neighbours
  • Befriend anyone looking lost, or join our buddy scheme and help someone in self-isolation (speak to your accommodation team for more information). You’re all in this together!

Make time for yourself

This could be by keeping time aside weekly to indulge in your favourite TV show, play your favourite sport or even learning a new skill. Fresher’s week is a great opportunity to look at societies and clubs you can join. 

Think about your end goal

Having an idea of where you want to be after university gives you a great chance to grasp opportunities: This could be work experience, an extra curriculum activity or even making sure you’re involved with seminar tasks that’ll give you valuable skills. It all looks good on the CV! 

Enjoy it!

Before you know it, you’ll be tossing your mortarboard into the air at graduation. Don’t forget to take a step back to appreciate the small things, and be proud of yourself for what you have and will achieve. 

- This blog was brought to you by Danielle, Communications Officer
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