Building and fire safety assessments at Helen Graham House


09 January 2024

What's happening?

We’ll be carrying out building and fire safety assessments at Helen Graham House from Monday 22 January. We expect these assessments to last 3 to 4 weeks.

The assessments will be carried out by our consultant, Ridge, accompanied by a Southern Housing member of staff. Both teams will be carrying identification at all times.


Why is the assessment happening?

Your safety remains our number one priority during your stay with us, so we want to ensure all our buildings continually meet the highest fire safety standards.

There should be minimal noise and dust, and your daily routine shouldn’t be significantly disrupted.

We’ll be posting updates on this page to give you the latest information.


Will you need access to my room?

Our consultant will identify different room types at Helen Graham House they’d like to assess.  

If we do need access to your room we’ll let you know in advance. We’ll also provide details of exactly what they’ll be doing, how long they’ll be there and discuss how we can support you if needed.


Can we see the results of the assessment?

Yes, we’ll provide you with the outcome of the assessment by mid-May 2024. We estimate it’ll take a number of weeks before Ridge share their findings with us, but we want to be transparent and provide you with the results and any suggested recommendations.

Finally, if you have any questions, please check the Frequently Asked questions below.

If you require any additional support or information on the assessment please email or pop down to the front office and speak to the accommodation team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the building and fire safety assessments?

Our consultants (Ridge) will inspect parts of the building against industry best practice.  Their findings will recommend improvements to enhance safety features within and around the building.

What time will the assessments happen?

Assessments will be carried out between Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

Please email if you require any support or additional information on the assessment.

Alternatively, you’re always welcome to pop down to the front office and speak to your accommodation team.

Why have you chosen my room for the assessment?

To provide a thorough assessment, our consultants need access to a cross section of room types on several floors.  

Will I need to leave the building or my room during the assessments?

You will not have to leave the building during the inspections.

However, if you have received a letter stating we’ll need assess to your room, for that period, we would ask you to leave your room so our consultants have enough space to work. This would usually be for a period no longer than 3 hours.

However, we promise we'll keep you fully informed on any changes.

Do I need to take any items with me?

If you receive a letter stating we’ll need access to your room, we’d recommend you take any essential items with you to avoid the need for you to return to your room whilst our consultants are there. This will ensure our consultants complete their work as quickly as possible and minimise further inconvenience to you.

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