How to find student accommodation for January Term Time in London


15 September 2019

image: how to find student accomodation in January term time in LondonTrying to find accommodation as a student in the January term time can be stressful, time-consuming and often unsuccessful.

However, don’t panic, as there are lots of other options you can consider when trying to find a hall of residences in your university’s vicinity.

Many of your friends and peers may already have got their accommodation for the second term, but lots of people start and return their studies early in the year, and it doesn’t mean you have less options.

Don’t rush

Many people will pick the first accommodation they find, which may be overpriced and unsatisfactory for their needs. You don’t have to consider a big flat share as there are lots of different opportunities for you to get a self-contained flat or fully furnished room with an en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen in London.

University halls

Universities may have spare places in their halls of residences, so don’t feel like you’ve missed out on the chance to live with other students. If you want to live in one of your university’s houses, make sure you contact your local uni and check if there’s any spaces available. However, if it’s the student halls life you’re after, our Wood Green Hall offers a mix of both private and social spaces.

The on-site facilities include a large common room, which gives the chance for students to mingle and converse, a garden, a comfortable TV lounge and a games room. All these areas are clean, calm and designed with socialising in mind.

Private halls

Our accommodation is a great chance for those whose courses run differently to everyone else at university. Knowing that you have a place to stay during your studies gives you peace of mind and helps you to relax and focus on what you need to do before you start, rather than worry about finding accommodation.

Our student accommodation offers short stay contracts, meaning they’ll be spaces in January for those who are starting their studies.

There are standard and large rooms available, with plenty of storage space and 50Mbps of building-wide Wi-Fi. Many students worry that they’ll be worse off because of their late arrival to university and that the accommodation they will have to live in will be uncomfortable, expensive and nightmarish.

However, there are private halls like our accommodation in Wood Green that facilitate rooms with a single bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk and chair, shelves and a full-length mirror, so you don’t have to take your furniture with you or splash out on a whole new mattress and chairs.

Another big worry for students is that their accommodation will be far away from their campus or university buildings. However, most private halls have great transport links and are only a short tube journey from the centre of London.

For instance, our Wood Green Hall is a great choice for those looking for affordable student accommodation and also study at LSE, Kings College and the London Metropolitan University as the residence is less than twenty minutes away by tube on the Piccadilly Line.
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