How to accessorise your student room with this year’s hot interior design trend: textiles!


03 October 2022


There’s a reason we’re naturally drawn to our beds or our sofas - and it’s not just for comfort. Textiles - aka, fabrics - play a huge part in creating a homely, inviting and stylish space. 


Adding an assortment of textiles into a room adds layers of interest, which is especially beneficial if you’re opting for a monochromatic colour palette (eg: everything in grey or beige) because it adds much needed depth and dimension.  


In 2022, accessorising with tactile fabrics and fibres is a key interior design trend - and there’s plenty of different options you can experiment with to enhance the comfortability, functionality and feel of your space.  


Here are our top five textiles to include to add comfort and style to your student room: 


1.   Boucle 


While you may not recognise the name (deriving from the French word boucler, which means to curl), you’ll have definitely seen this fabric on a cushion or sofa in recent years, as it has made quite the comeback.  


This rather heavy almost fleece-like fabric is made from a looped yarn and is a little rough to the touch.  


It’s a great choice if you want to add softness to a space since it’s cloud-like appearance gives it a distinct cosy and comfortable feel. Commonly seen in beige or white, Dunelm stock a variety of boucle cushions in more practical colours, perfect for your student room.  


2.   Velvet 


Velvet has a beautiful and luxurious sheen to it, so it’s perfect for adding a sense of richness and opulence to your student room via cushions and throws.  


Although the very first velvet fabrics were made purely from silk and therefore extraordinarily expensive, thankfully in recent years the selection and production has expanded - making it a far more accessible and affordable choice for adding drama and elegance to a space.  


This textile looks especially luxe in a deep jewel colour, so opt for navy or emerald green if you really want to accessorise in style!  


3.   Linen 


Linen is a great choice if you prefer a timeless and classic look. This textile is commonly found in coastal hotels and spas - so strikes a great balance between looking both relaxed and refined.  


This sustainable fabric is made from natural fibres - so it’s totally natural and biodegradable, which is great if you’re keen to be eco conscious.  


Bring linen into your student room via scatter cushions. This one from H&M Home is available in a plethora of earthy neutrals.  


4.   Jute 


Also known as hessian, jute is a tough, durable and eco-friendly fabric commonly found in window treatments, furniture covers and carpets.  


This natural material, harvested from the fibres of a jute plant, is perfect for bringing to life and warmth to a boho scheme.  


Add earthy artisan style into your student room via this hard-wearing jute rug from Dunelm. Blended with soft cotton chenille, it feels soft underfoot - as well as looking beautiful!  


5.  Chunky Knits 


The popularity of wool in an interior scheme has faltered over the last decade, however it’s making a comeback in its chunkier, oversized new form. Introducing the chunky knit. 


The perfect accessory for snuggling, a chunky knit throw brings unrivalled comfort and warmth to a scheme.  


Although the high street offers an assortment of knitted throws to choose from, you may wish to support independent crafters via platforms such as Etsy, many of whom sell their own creations. If you’re keen to get stuck in and try something new, you could also experiment with making your own!  


So there we have it - five different textiles you can use to accessorise your student room.  


Perhaps you’re drawn to a specific textile in particular, however for a space that feels interesting and cohesive, opt for a variety of fabrics in coordinating colours.  

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