LGBT+ History Month


09 February 2021

In recent history, there's been much progress for LGBT people in the fight for equality. In 2014, the UK joined the ranks of countries legalising same sex marriage. Equal marriage laws now exist in 29 countries.

With so much to celebrate across the globe, it's easy to forget that millions of LGBT couples have no protection under the law, or worse - their love is against the law. Same-sex relationships are still illegal in 70 countries.  

While we celebrate LGBT history month this year, it's important we acknowledge that the global struggle for equality continues. 

We've got lots of blogs and events lined up for you this month:

Park House

Check out our display boards in the common areas, and then put your knowledge to the test with our online Pride Quiz. There'll be fabulous prizes for the winners
Quiz available from 1st – 8th Feb, winner announced on 9th Feb

Platt and Writte House, Middlesex

Monday 1st – Sunday 7th
‘Wear it with pride!’ we’ll be giving out heart shaped rainbow pins for every student, a fantastic way to show you’re an ally for the community.
Monday 8th – Sunday 14th
We’ll be giving you all the ingredients you need to make your own rainbow cupcakes.
Collect from reception between 10am and 4pm. Or register your interest before the 8th and we can drop off to your flat.
Monday 15th – Sunday 21st
Show your colours and pick up a  DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt kit.
Collect from reception between 10am and 4pm. Or register your interest before the 15th and we can drop off to your flat.
Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th
We'll have a selection of literature for you to read all from authors of the LQBTQ+ community.
Please register your interest before the 22nd  and we can drop off to your flat.

Housing With Pride Event

We've arranged a ‘Housing With Pride’ event with talks from Bob Green OBE and Professor Andrew King.
Housing can be a major concern for members of the LGBTQ+ community. From being a young trans person thrown out of the family home because your family do not support you; a couple who feels the need to hide photos and personal objects from their Housing Officers when they come to visit; to an older person feeling the need to go ‘back in to the closet’ when you move into a scheme, and live a lie in your later years.​​​​​​​

Our event ‘Housing with Pride’ is on Tuesday 23 February from 2-3pm.

Get more information here:

​Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home.​​​​​​​

Our speakers are:

Bob Green OBE – former CEO of Stonewall Housing and now a consultant working on the UK’s first LGBT Extra Care Scheme. Bob will be talking to us about the project.

Professor Andrew King – University of Surrey and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Ageing & Gender. ​​Andrew will be discussing the Secure, Accessible, Friendly, Equal (SAFE) Housing and No Place Like Home research as well as his current project – Housing With Pride.

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