Our pledge


03 September 2020

Optivo Students Pledge

We’re proud to be part of a warm, friendly and supportive community of students and staff. Now, as ever, we all need to look out for each another, be respectful and, above all, kind. 

We ask everyone at Optivo Students to commit to this pledge:

  • I will keep up-to-date with the changing UK Government Covid-19 guidance. I will protect students and staff from the virus by self-isolating and getting tested immediately if I suffer any symptoms (a high temperature, continuous cough, loss of smell or taste). I will also let the accommodation team know immediately.

  • I will be respectful of others at all times. I am part of a community which stands against harassment, bullying and victimisation and I will do all I can to uphold those values. 

  • I understand that I may not know other people’s personal circumstances. I will be supportive of others, offer my friendship and respond positively to their concerns. Where possible, I will offer my help as a ‘buddy’ to students who are self-isolating. I will also speak to the accommodation team if I am concerned for the welfare of another person. 

  • If another person’s behaviour makes me feel unsafe, I will feel empowered to speak up politely or alert the accommodation team. If I, or others, are at risk of immediate harm, I will call my accommodation team or 999 straight away. If I am challenged about my own behaviour, I will listen, understand and respond in a positive and respectful way. I will change my behaviour if it is negatively impacting others.  

  • I understand and accept that if I breach the terms and conditions set out in my licence and house rules, I risk losing my accommodation. 

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