Things to do in Holborn


21 July 2017image: HolbornHolborn is a bustling location with lots on offer. In this article we discuss some of the top attractions in the neighbourhood...
Holborn is central to some of the best attractions in London. Situated at the western end of the historical part of the city, Holborn is home to many independent shops and restaurants. With so much to explore in this part of town, you will not get bored.
Here are some things to do and places to eat in the neighbourhood:

  1. Store Street Espresso - baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee in a minimalist shop
  2. Homeslice, Fitzrovia - pizza made from a hand-built wood fire oven
  3. Bradley’s Spanish Bar - great place for a drink and to watch some football or to listen to the vinyl jukebox
  4. Leather Lane Market - haven for food lovers with many street food and restaurant options
  1. Revival Retro Boutique - vintage shop with modern reproductions of clothes from the past
  2. James Smith & Sons - famous for their umbrellas and walking sticks
  3. International Magic Shop - family-run magic shop selling magic books, tutorial dvds, magic accessories, and more for any skill
  4. The Old Curiosity Shop - rumoured to be the inspiration behind Charles Dickens’ novel, this shop sells men and women’s shoes
Things to do
  1. Twinings Tea Shop and Museum - a narrow, long corridor filled with tins of tea
  2. Sir John Soane’s Museum - home to John Soane’s architectural drawings, paintings, and antiquities
  3. Royal Courts of Justice - a court building that houses both the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales
  4. Hunterian Museum - gives a history of surgery and medicine with instruments and preserved specimens
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