Things to do as a student near Covent Garden


29 July 2022

Moving into your new student accommodation can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to get up to in your free time. 

So, we’ve taken out the hard part and found some great spots to check out near our student accommodation, Helen Graham House around Covent Garden's that’ll suit whatever mood you’re in for different days (and is also cost effective!) 


  1. Visit one of London’s prettiest streets, down a tiny side street in Seven Dials is the vibrant Neal’s Yard. Not only is this place eye candy for your Instagram grid but also has everything you could need in this dreamy location for you to explore. As an extra benefit every business there is committed to sustainable and ethical commercial practices. Only an 8-minute walk away from your student accommodation it’s the perfect place to visit to clear your mind, explore and be in awe at the buildings and colours. 


  1. Have a laugh (or two) at the Seven Dials Club, only a 10-minute walk away. Many famous comedians have been on stage and tickets are affordable at £16. It’s a lively atmosphere that will be perfect to visit with your new flatmates. Check out what’s lined up here,


  1. Go on a shopping spree in the iconic Covent Garden which is filled with affordable quirky shops with clothes, art and homeware and the Vintage Showroom is the perfect place if you’re shopping for vintage sportswear. Only a 12-minute stroll from Helen Graham House and an essential part of London living. 


  1.  If you’re on your way to Neals Yard stop by the Seven Dials Market on your way to eat all the food, you could imagine with tasty dishes to meet any dietary needs it’s an experience you can’t miss out on. It’s a 9-minute walk away to grab some great dishes with friends. Have a look at what will tickle your fancy here,


  1. Grab a coffee at the Monmouth Coffee Company that have been going since 1978 and boast some of the best coffee in London that is made exactly how you want it! An 8-minute walk away to break up some study stress. Look at their website for more info,

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